Voting Members

Voting members are appointed by the Associated Students of the University of Washington, and the Graduate and Professional Student Senate. In addition, the STF chair, elected by the committe, is also a voting member.

Brian O'RoukeSTF Chair2017-2018
Em BradenASUW2018-2018
Nicola KalderashASUW2018-2019
Aisha KingGPSS2018-2019
Jackie NguyenASUW2018-2019
Robby Perkins-HighGPSS2018-2019
Alvin ChenGPSS2017-2018
Jackie WongGPSS2017-2019
Howard XiaoASUW2018-2019


Ex-Officios are non-voting members that represent other campus institutions, like UW-IT, Learning Technologies, Library Programs, so on and forth.

Jennifer WardUW Libraries
Jeremy CaciUndergraduate Academic Affairs
Tom LewisUW-IT, Academic Experience
Shaun SikASUW Finance and Budget Director


The Staff and advisors that manage committee operations.

Brian O'RoukeChair2018-2019
Yash SinhaProposal Officer2018-2019
Grace LyuOperations and Fnance Manager2018-2019
Kris LewisHub IT Administrator and Advisor2018-2019
Kyle JohnsonSoftware Engineer2018-2019