Proposal Agreement

The Student Technology Fee Committee was created to ensure the best return on collected student dollars. By proposing to the committee, you agree to follow all requirements, current and future, set by the STFC. Included below are particularly relevant documents, along with brief summary and their full text.

Compliance PolicyThe STFC retains control over items under $50,000 for 3 years, and items above for 7 years. The STFC is the owner of all purchased technology for that oversight period. The STFC may request transfer, return, or other actions for the items pruchased. The STFC may take punitive actions against non-complying organizations. All future policy changes apply retroactively to previously funded technologies.
Adobe No-Purchase DecisionThe STFC will not accept proposals for Adobe products unless a comprehensive campus agreement is crafted
Consumables PolicyConsumables, such as ink, resin, or paper may be charged for. Charges may only cover the cost of the materials. The STFC will not normally provide for consumables
Marketing PolicyFunded items, websites, created goods, and other resources are to feature the STF logo. The STF will provide stickers and vector images
Wireless Internet No-Purchase DecisionThe STFC considers wireless internet access a utility and will therefore not purchase any related infrastructure
Accessibility PolicyDepartments must keep access open to their funded resources as much as possible. All students paying the STF are expected access. Changes to resource access requires STFC approval
Supplemental PolicySometimes prices and plans change; the STFC will hear changes to previously funded proposals for one year after the original funds were allocated
Departmental Technology Obligation FindingThe STFC expects departments to provide technology that is required for their students' education. The STFC will not cover basic technological needs