The UW Student Technology Committee

...Is an entirely student operated organization dedicated to meeting the technological needs of students beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Formed by the Washington State Legislature and UW Board of Regents, we advocate for students by working with campus departments and student organizations to identify innovative and impactful technology projects. Project proposals are vetted by a committee of students appointed by the Associated Students of the University of Washington, and the Graduate and Professional Student Senatefor their ability to benefit the student community.

How do I get started with a proposal?

To start, please take a look at the Request for Proposal Document for everything about what a proposal should ideally include.

Then, please start a new proposal via the STF Web portal. Where more information and resources can be accessed after formally creating a proposal.

Looking to ask the STF Committee some specific questions about your proposal idea? Don't know where to start? Please take a look at the available available proposal workshops and RSVP with this form! Regardless of whether you've RSVP-ed or not, all proposal workshops can be accessed via this Zoom link, signed into your UW netID.

Any other questions or feedback? Contact us!

$9,048,0002022 Budget
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Key Notices

The STF Committee is currently suspending all proposal matters to focus on assembling a functional Executive Team by October 2022. Please see details & public statment here.

Summer 2022 STF Timeline

One focus for September: to assemble a functional Executive Team by October 2022.